Shane Stapley


Gilbert, AZ

United States

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  • Merrianne Geisdorf

    Hi Shane: First of all, congratulations on getting so many signatures!! I've spoken to a few groups, and taking a deep breath before plunging in again. I'd like to keep in touch as well.
    Take care,
  • S. J. M.

    Shane, I don't know how familiar you are with the out-of-district, open-enrollment process but it's a real rip-off for the taxpaying property owners in your district.

    I live in Kyrene SD and 20% of our enrollment is outside the district.

    When I recently contacted various neighboring districts to Kyrene to learn how many Kyrene students attend in Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, etc. I included Gilbert PS as well.

    Districts have a "marketing/recruiting" department to go to other districts and convince students to come to Gilbert, and that's one of the silly things our tax dollars pay for.

    I was able to contact every neighboring district to Kyrene and obtain the number of Kyrene students they have enrolled EXCEPT GILBERT. The little twit who represented the marketing department had the nerve to tell me that they don't keep records of those numbers.
    That's not only a lack of transparency, but it's a lie. There's no doubt those numbers are readily available.

    So if you're elected there's another area to inquire into. If you'd like to contact me, Harry Matthews can provide my e-mail address.

    I desitse these blog pages and facebook, Twitter and such that enable only one-way communication.

    But that's all Harry could provide when I inquired.