Armed Camps

Resource officers costs as much as $100,000 per year each plus benefits. Where will all that money come from? Allow teachers who already own guns to conceal carry. It will be a far better defense plan; one that actually has a chance to succeed. The added advantage is your children will not grow up in a prison and become accustomed to being under constant surveillance. There is no more violent environment then that of a prison. Don't think for a minute that your children will be safe in one.

  • ronald charles vrooman

    Cowboy up or Cowgirl up as the case may be.
    If we at least 3% of 328,000,000 people do not identify ourselves passively in this manner starting now. We are by our silence acquiescing to the deep state, swamp dwelling , NWO, globalist , muslim, social democrat, communistic, abortionist, evil that is upon us. 

    Anons that claim to be Americans, state nationals, non US citizen slave, non NWO, anti-abortion, anti evil, can do their best by just wearing a yellow vest. A modicum of courage is required

    So inclusive is it that anti evil in any form qualifies to wear the yellow vest. Evil will sneak in and we must be careful.

    Do not be a coward. If you cannot actually see the evil then you are evil. Stand and deliver. Life is an incurable disease. It always ends in death.