The Islamization of Gilbert Students

Thanks to Bartlett Bunker for sharing this on 11-30-15 Did you know that there are 3 Radical Mosques In The East Valley? Clarion Project Says So:

  • Peggy McClain

    Day after day, these schools amaze me, and it's not just the institutions in liberal Tempe.

    When will parents wake up? All of these schools should be shut down. Yes, I said it. We can keep our tax money and either teach our own kids or develop our own schools with the money saved. That would allow true competition and parents would appreciate the stake they have in their children's education.

    These excuses to study Islam are another way to infiltrate our system. I'll tell you what Ms. Carmichael, you continue your Islam studies IF you refer to the two weeks off later this year as CHRISTMAS vacation and allow some good old-fashioned religious Christmas music at your school's concerts this month.

    Ms. Carmichael, if these Islamic orders are coming from the top and your hands are tied, it's your responsibility to share that with the good people of Gilbert.

    (I hate to think how the public schools will turn Christianity upside down as they attempt to teach it.)
  • Harry Mathews

    And, now, it looks like, after 4 new taxes for the schools this year, and 2 more on the way for next year, the teachers STILL will not be getting a raise bigger than in any other year. What a shock (sarc)