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Education Showdown- Interview of Senate Candidates in LD6, LD8, LD18 and LD28

Common Core Fighters,

I thought you all would be interested in these interviews of the Senate candidates running in LD6, LD8, LD18 and LD28. These candidates include: Legislative District 6: Sylvia Allen (Republican incumbent) versus Nikki Bagley (Democratic); Legislative District 8: Barbara McGuire (Democratic incumbent) – Frank Pratt (Republican) declined to participate; Legislative District 18: Sean Bowie (Democratic) versus Frank Schmuck (Republican); and Legislative District 28: Kate Brophy McGee (Republican) versus Eric Meyer (Democratic). 

These were the questions that were asked:

Here you can find the videos of the interviews:

These Senate races are critical to maintain our Republican leadership in the Senate. Don't forget to turn in your early ballots and/or vote on November 8th!

For our precious children,

-Jennifer Reynolds