Appointment of Teachers to Committees in the Mesa Unified School District

The Association (MEA) will select one-half (1/2) of the committee membership.

Read the information contained in the Mesa Unified School District Bargain Agreement and you will find out why our public school are Union Schools not Public Schools.

And you wonder why parent have no authority!!

This is the rudder that controls the ship. School Board Parent Betrayal to have them allow this provision!!!

What can be done? File a complaint!!!!

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    Dale Langkilde

    That is questionable. When Wayne L Gardner (Lawyer) was president of the Board back in the 2004-6 time frame he concurred with my concern on this issue then. We tried to get the language changed and ran into such a hornets nest of opposition, mainly the District was concerned that it would arouse the MEA to seek more membership, etc. Long story short we conceded to have an oversight committee established with two members appointed by each board member. There was some other language inserted negating this committees authority, so it really just became a rubber stamp for the District and didn't really resolve the MEA's monopoly position on other committees.

    I think one would have to have a good alternative plan to get the day to day committee work done if the MEA is excluded, i.e., have a qualified parent/teacher pool, etc., that the Superintendent and or Board could draw from with confidence. Invitations to the pool would be advertised and encouraged by the District. A profile on each pool member would contain their previous experience and or interest in different disciplines, such as math, social studies, etc.

    What I am saying is the legal approach was discussed earlier and apparently may not have had sufficient bases to pursue the matter from that angle. I can't remember? It would be worth checking into again though. I could call Wayne and get his opinion?

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    karen gevaert

    Never say "CAN"T,  This district has been corrupt for so long, it will probably take a team of lawyers to unravel all the secrets hidden away from the public view.

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    Dale Langkilde

    Sorry, my reference to can't had to do with my memory not what can be done!