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Premise: The US/Mexico Border is a mostly dysfunctional and somewhat arbitrary

social construct that must be developed for a higher level of competitiveness in the

global economy.


Solution: What the School of Transborder Studies wants to do is develop a

transborder economic zone where the border becomes mostly irrelevant and workers

can pass back and forth across the border as though it were not there - essentially

erasing the border under the guise of greater global competitiveness in the name of equality.

They stated at the conference, in so many words, that the idea of national sovereignty and the idea of individual countries for that matter will go away soon and we will have a

one world government under the UN and the whole world will be essentially one big country without individual inalienable rights granted in our Declaration of



At the official launch and conference for the opening of the school on May 11, 2011, i asked a question.

My question: “What happens to representative government under a policy of Binationalism?” followed by 12 seconds of suspended animation. Followed by

“That’s a very good question” and very nervous laughter from audience.


12 seconds of thought processes:

“Who let this guy in?”

“Who cares about Representative Government? We just want the government to take care of us”

“We have to be careful how we answer this because we don’t want to look bad here”

They danced around the question for a while but never answered it.


The rest of they time they spent mostly complaining 

  • The US/Mexico Border is Racist
  • How do we get rid of Joe Arpaio?
  • How do we get rid of SB1070?
  • Mexicans are victims who have always been mistreated
  • There are no illegal aliens – merely binational, bicultural, bilingual people
  • We are all citizens of the world now
  • We don’t need no stinking borders
  • Obama doesn’t do enough for us (Mexicans/Chicanos)
  • We need to re-write NAFTA because it doesn’t do enough for us (Mexicans)
  • It is up to America to solve Mexicans problems by giving Mexicans whatever they want
  • It is up to America to solve EVERYONE’S problems by giving away their wealth

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