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The ASU Department of Transborder Chicana/o Latina/o Studies is a Race based victimology based, Neo-Marxist/Cultural Marxist indoctrination center which offers degrees in Extreme racist and anti-American propaganda. They are anti-sovereignty, anti-White, Anti-Christian, anti-Republican, anti- Joe Arpaio, anti-SB1070, anti-Tea Party, anti-constitution and promote the idea that America is successfull because and only because it stole from "people of color" and those "people of color" are here to take, like pirates on a rampage, what ever than can from the whites and get their land back from the white folks who have so unfairly exploited them.

     This modern day brown version of the KKK has now evolved into the School of Transborder studies, The ASU North American Center for Transborder Studies, The Border Governors Conference and is funded by Motorola, Wells Fargo and others:

 "One of the department's major accomplishments has been acquiring major gifts. These include a $1.1 million gift from the Wells Fargo Foundation for a presidential chair, a speaker series, scholarships for students, and a teacher education program, and a $300,000 gift from the Motorola corporation to establish the Motorola Presidential Chair in Community Revitalization within the department. These gifts are in addition to over $500,000 [this number has undoubtedly increased in the last 2 ½ years.] in funded grants that CCS faculty members have been awarded in recent years."


" the department is developing a Ph.D. program in Transborder Studies and Development which will advance the knowledge of transborder, transnational, and global structures and processes that constrain and limit human social, political, educational, economic, and cultural potential."

In another word, "Communism"

You can now get your PHD in Extreme Hatred of All Things American from the ASU School of Transborder Studies.

Brought to you by the Arizona Board of Regents

Your tax dollars at work


P.S. The Director of the School of Transborder Studies, Velez Ibanez,Carlos, gets $164,217 per year to undermine our Republic and promote hate speech. Every dime of that comes from the taxpayers:

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Where are the laws? I'm sure this violates some kind of law, I don't understand how this is allowed, If State Attorney, Tom Horn, was notified of this, could he do something?  This is absolutely unbelieveable!!!!

Just imagine if there were a school of white heritage-that would not be allowed nor should it yet these dirt bags get prestigious high paying jobs for spouting this vomit 



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