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Leftist Student Indoctrination Studies Are Heavy In New Common Core Language Arts-And Just Plain Dumb

College of William and Mary

The Center for Gifted Education

Language Arts 4-5 (proposed 4th grade for GPS gifted)

Proposed gifted curriculum for GPS 4th-6th grade.  

The 5th grade language arts book wasn’t nearly as bad as the 4th grade but it still relies on listening to music and looking at pictures (just plain dumb). 



Sample Writing Prompts:

Should schools required uniforms?

Should smoking be illegal?

Should people adopt pets from the pound or buy pets at a pet store?

Should animals be used for scientific research?

Schools install vending machines that sell soda and chips in the cafeteria.  Do these machines belong in the cafeteria?



Possible Issues for Research:

Should fine arts be funded for elementary students?

How can the physical fitness of elementary students be improved?

Should students be permitted to carry only nutritious foods in their school lunches?

Should television advertisements targeted at young children be reduced or eliminated?



Connect to Science assignment for ‘The Secret Garden’ novel:

Have students investigate the changes to gardening practices and diets due to the movement toward organic methods.



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