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1-12-14 Peggy McClain to Victoria Nuciforo
Hi Victoria,

Thanks for your interest in the Tempe Sex Ed curriculum.

I'd like to respond to you point by point because you bring up some arguments we hear a lot in the media.

Your first paragraph regarding abortion being needed due to rape and incest sounds like a clean, easy solution.  However, it doesn't work to fix a violent problem with more violence.  There are two victims, the mother and the child.  More and more children who are products of rape are speaking out thanking their mothers for saving them and giving them a chance to live, whether it is with their birth mother or an adoptive family.

What the media doesn't tell you is the emotional trauma that increases exponentially for the rape victim when the realization occurs that she will not see the child she aborted.  There are crisis pregancy centers that will work with these women through the pregnancy if they choose life, free of charge.  Planned Parenthood does not counsel these women after their abortion, and they are not free of charge.

You state those of us who don't want Planned Parenthood in Tempe schools are Communist because we don't want access to birth control.  Where in any testimony or dialogue has anyone stated we want all birth control off the market?  That isn't the issue at all.  Planned Parenthood will still exist and pharmacies will still be open even if Planned Parenthood does not provide curriculum in the Tempe Schools.  That is a false talking point that gained strength to snuff out Rick Santorum's campaign, nothing more.  The truth is Santorum never said he'd order all birth control suppliers shut down, but the media spun it differently.

You stated your friend shared Planned Parenthood with you when you were 17.  Well, then you found out about Planned Parenthood without the involvement of your school.  But worse than that, your parents weren't involved at a crucial time in your life.  Planned Parenthood's curriculum pushes parents out of the picture so a girl builds her relationship with Planned Parenthood instead of her parents.  Long term, this is never good.  All teenagers go through phases when they are not as close to their parents as other times.  But curriculum that builds on the family unit will ultimately strengthen teen/parent relationships for the long term.

Congratulations on your degree in Finance and home ownership.  YOU must be hard-working.  YOU earned that degree and your home, not Planned Parenthood.   In the history of the United States millions of students have had financial and educational success without Planned Parenthood in the classroom.

You can't say your are pro-choice but against abortion for yourself.  That is the weakest argument, yet it is continually used.  Let me ask you a couple questions.  Do you say you're against bank robbery?  You don't like it, you won't rob a bank yourself, but you don't want to take that option away from your neighbor.

Better yet, there was a time slavery was legal in the United States.  I bet you are against slavery.  But if you were living at that time, do you think it would have been okay for your friend to own a slave, even though you yourself think that is a horrible way to treat a fellow human being?

A quick aside while we discuss slavery, look up Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.  Read why she started the organization.  You will then understand why so many Planned Parenthood facilities are in minority neighborhoods.

I would like to agree with you that simply having access and dialogue about sex and birth control will solve the problem of unwanted pregnancy.  But we now have 40 years of legal abortions and decades of data.  Planned Parenthood has been in the center of this storm, regulary stating the same talking points as you.  Have abortions decreased?  Have unwanted pregnancies decreased?  Are teenagers more sexually active?  Are STDs higher?  Is the breast cancer rate of post-abortive women higher?  Is there an increase in emotional trauma and suicide for post-abortive women?

When these questions are answered it becomes obvious that Planned Parenthood's agenda isn't working.  And they are not around to pick up the pieces, they are only around to add to the crisis.

Now talk to me about the real "War on Women."

Thanks again,

Peggy McClain

---- Victoria Nuciforo wrote:
Just like yourself, I would love to live in a world where every pregnancy was wanted, there was no need for abortions, and rape and incest didn't exist. However I live in reality, where not having access to the contraceptive that a woman chooses is right  for her (including abortion) is communist.
My mother never talked to me about how easy it was to get on birth control once I became sexually active at 17 with my long-term boyfriend of the same age. One of my friends mentioned Planned Parenthood as an option for birth control if I did not want my parents finding out. As I saw it, it was the only option.
The women there made me feel comfortable and explained everything to me. They tested me and helped me understand my options and all the possible consequences of my actions.
I've been using Planned Parenthood for 9 years now and 100% support their mission to make contraception and sexual education as accessible as possible. I'm 26 now and have been able to get my Bachelor's degree in Finance and bought a house last year because I have not had the responsibility of a child yet. 
Just because I am pro-choice doesn't mean I am pro-abortion. I think it's horrible and would never choose that for myself, even if I was 16 and pregnant. However, I would not say the same for another woman in a completely different situation who feels she needs that for herself. Please help STOP the war on women! Promote sexual education so that young girls and women can make good moral choices based on prevention. Nobody likes abortion. It's one of the hardest decisions to make, but just because you would never choose that for yourself, don't take away the right for someone else to have that option.
It's a matter of parents talking with their children early about the reality of being sexually active and what to do if you are. Unfortunately, not every girl gets that talk from their parents.
Victoria Nuciforo

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If Planned Parenthood providing curriculum to schools is not the straw that breaks the camel's back, then the camel died already.


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