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[EAN NOTE: The following is an announcement from The Protect Arizona Children Coalition] 

GLSEN held their teacher training webinar in September.

What was discussed?

The Protect Arizona Children Coalition supports you in understanding and using your parental rights guaranteed in Arizona Revised Statutes. Not all educational organizations recognize the parental rights statutes. Here are a few which are being ignored in a recent GLSEN training held in September for educators:

ARS 15-102:

  • Parents have the right to review any materials used for learning, the course, or as supplements.
  • Also gives parents the right to opt out their children from any learning material or activity that a parent feels would be harmful including material that questions beliefs or practices related to sex, morality, or religion.
  • Be notified in advance if sexuality is taught in any other curriculum like history or language arts and opt their children out of that instruction.
  • Be informed about the nature and purpose of extracurricular student clubs and activities.

ARS 15-113: Materials and activities can be reviewed in advance of instruction and if any materials is determined by the parent to be harmful, then the parent may opt their child from that instruction and request an alternative assignment.

Parent Rights in Public Schools, click here and Parental Handbook,click here.

During the training, this information was presented by Michael Rady, who runs a project to get LGBTQ+ and non-binary and BIPOC to “see themselves” in their curriculum. GLSEN’s Rainbow Library Project distributes books on relevant subject matter written by gay, non-binary, trans, etc. people. They have books in 1500 schools in the country, but NOT in AZ due to pushback. Parents are getting a say in what is being presented in classrooms.

Mr. Rady advised listeners to ask their school librarians to request a kit (books, posters, advertisements) for their schools. He encouraged to get support for the Rainbow Library in multiple schools to make it harder for others to pushback. Another option was to have teachers purchase their own books and have them available in the classrooms. Some participants said they had already purchased the books. They recommend teaching about non-binary for elementary kids with books such as the Mermaid and the Witch and the Sea.

GLSEN opined that progress of Inclusive Curriculum has stagnated, possibly as the result of the political climate, which demonstrates that parental involvement is being reflected in classroom instruction. To overcome this obstacle, teachers must think about what level they can introduce it into the classroom not officially as an LGBTQ+ lesson. (This effort violates state law ARS 15-721 and ARS 15-102 A5.)

Here are some of the examples presented:·

  • Have items available to incorporate into other lessons – history, literature, and math.
  • Thematic lessons such as bullying or a Holocaust lessons about how gays had to wear a pink triangle like Jews had the yellow star.
  • Slip things in like Pete Buttegieg being an important politician with a husband and family.
  1. Be aware of the climate of the school and the community
  2. You need to know that administration of the school will stand behind you
  3. The climate is risky but do it – have your own library under the radar
  4. If you get caught, apologize and move forward
  5. The kids are ready; the adults are pushing back

One comment illustrated how GLSEN’s efforts would undermine parental authority. One panelist said, “Parents push their opinions on you; need to unlearn it.”

One of the proposed benefits of inclusive curriculum was to normalize gender identities.

Virtual GSA Kit-includes recommended books (are they in your school??)

To review GLSEN's videos, click here.

It is imperative for parents and the community to be aware of the subversive tactics to expose and indoctrinate children in the LGBTQ narrative while ignoring a traditional narrative. Schools educate children from diverse households and must respect the diversity of all students’ cultures.

We must review the classroom and school library. Remind the teacher and administration that they must follow the opt in laws regarding teaching sexuality.

This training conference highlights the need for more parents to be visible on campus, talking to teachers, reviewing curriculum, and talking with school boards.

We advocate for all schools, from teachers to administrators and school boards, to engage in open dialogue with parents about issues concerning sexuality and gender, to avoid promoting sexuality, and follow the ARS codes.

Some helpful resources for creating a safe space for everyone are:

How a Sexual Risk Avoidance program works

Assert your parental rights!

Lisa Fink Protect Arizona Children Coalition


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