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State of California Telling 12 Year Olds It’s Okay to have Sex Without Parent’s Knowledge

Posted on October 13, 2011 by rev.larry

[NOTE: California via Hollywood, San Fransisco, Berkley et al has for decades been the Corrupt Core of moral degeneracy, the modern day equivalent to Sodom & Gomorrah...this is SICK! This is out of the depraved play book of NAMBLA and Marxists!
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Written on October 13, 2011 by Giacomo

California Telling 12 Year Olds It’s Okay to have Sex Without Paren...

[This is a longer excerpt than usual, but I couldn't justly cut out more without editing out vital info on the history of this decision.]


California has long held the reputation as being one of the most sexually permissive states in the union. Between the huge gay communities, nude bike rides through towns, nude beaches and history of liberal sexual protests, areas of the state are hot beds for hedonism and promiscuity.

Over the years, not only has the state led the way of sexual openness, but they have also led the way to taking away the rights of parents in knowing about the activities of their minor children. Among the loss of parental rights was a measure that gave kids as young as 12 years of age the right to seek out the diagnosis and treatment of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

This past Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown sign Assembly Bill 499 into law that goes a step further in providing preventive care for children 12 and over to prevent contracting STD’s or drug related diseases such as hepatitis B. The new law provides for vaccines for HPV, HIV and hepatitis to be made available to teens without parental consent or knowledge.

One of the bill’s sponsors, Assemblywoman Toni Atkins said, “It doesn’t make sense to leave out medical care to prevent STDs while allowing minors to access treatment after they’ve already been exposed. This bill will prevent adolescents from contracting life-threatening illnesses.”

What surprised me was to learn that ten other states and the District of Columbia have similar laws allowing preventative care without parental consent.

A number of critics of the law and advocates for parent’s rights have spoken out against the measure, but to no avail. President of, Randy Thomasson said, “[Governor] Brown has no excuse to deny patients essential information and trample parents’ consent for their children, who lack the brain development to make big decisions like this. It is unfair and wrong for AB 499 to coerce children behind their parents’ backs, when calling or emailing a child’s mother or father to set an appointment is the respectful way to communicate vital information and answer important questions.”…

…Parents have a legal obligation to care for and provide for all minor age children. If a minor causes damage to someone else’s property, the parents are legally responsible for restitution. In most states, a parent cannot evict a child under the age of 18, 16 in some states. In cases of divorce and child support, one of the parents are generally liable to pay monthly child support to the other until the child reaches 18 and in some states graduate from high school.

Yet when it comes to one of the most personal, moral and religious subjects of sexually promiscuity, parents have absolutely no rights to know or control their minor child’s activities. It’s because of the need of the liberal socialists to undermine and erode both religious and family values of a people in order to set up a socialist government.

What’s even more scary is that these laws coincide with similar laws being pushed by the United Nations to give complete sexual freedom to all children down to the age of 10 to 12.

Parents and grandparents need to aware of these things and take an active role in the lives of their kids and grandkids. It is a proven fact that the more parents and grandparents spend time with their kids and take an active role in their lives, that fewer of them become sexually active at such young ages.

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