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Minnesota Parents Rally to ‘Protect Kids’ Against State-Mandated Planned Parenthood Sex Ed

Planned Parenthood is at it again; as always

Take notice Arizonans. You must stand for what is right. The Bible commands it:

Like a muddied fountain and a polluted spring
Is a righteous man who yields and compromises his integrity before the wicked.

~ Proverbs 25:26 AMP

Article by Dr. Susan Berry / Breitbart News / 9-6-19


Minnesota parents and families, who oppose state-mandated comprehensive sex ed (CSE) pushed by Planned Parenthood and LGBT activist groups, are planning to rally to protect their children.

Child Protection League (CPL) Action will hold its “Protect Kids Rally” on Sunday,

CPL Action states that, in April, a majority of Minnesota House lawmakers voted to mandate that every Pre-K-12 traditional public and charter school teach comprehensive sex ed.

“Democrats said the legislation focused on teaching ‘harassment’ and ‘consent,’” CPL Action continues. “But the curriculum includes pornographic images and unscientific ideas about gender, and it trivializes or even encourages high-risk and abusive sexual behavior.”

Minnesota state Rep. Peggy Scott (R) spoke out against mandated CSE


Website for Child Protection League:

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