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10-14-19 EAN

Below is an advertisement for an upcoming Drag Queen Event at Bookman's Bookstore in Phoenix. Notice that this event is rated "17+" and "M" for mature audiences. If these events had these kinds of ratings all along there would probably not have been much controversy. 

But this raises some questions:

  • Why the sudden change in rating from "G" to "M"?
  • Are these shows different from the ones where children were invited to attend? If not, why weren't these child molesters arrested for, well, molesting children. I think it is still illegal to sexually encourage children, correct? These performers are clearly lewd and sexually suggestive in actions, dress and speech; and encourage children to do the same.
  • Is this change in target audience temporary until people get distracted by other things?
  • Will people still be allowed to bring children to these events anyway?
  • Will our legislature and legal system do anything to stem the tide of these child molesters/child pornographers/prostitutes/sexual performers/pimps/child sex traffickers/ etc., etc., etc. posing as child entertainers?
  • If our legal system is so committed (supposedly) to stopping sex crimes, why has this been allowed to be encouraged? It almost seems that the system is designed to create more problems so that we will need a larger state in order to deal with these problems. Are they setting us up to fail; and also our children; especially our children?
  • Is Bookman's turning into an adult Bookstore? If, so, why would children be allowed there AT ALL under ANY circumstances (NOTE: I did a quick google search to see if Bookman's would show up as an "x rated book store". The only thing that came up was a Catholic/Christian Book store. I guess that shows you what Google thinks should be "x rated". )

And, FYI, Judging by the facebook page  ( of the "Drag Queen" who will be performing at this event, she/he/it appears to be a frothing at the mouth racist


NOTE: There is another event at Bookman's ( ) on October 27 that is NOT rated

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