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Arizona MassResistance: Call to Action! Get HB 2706 Across the Finish Line, Stop Transgender Insanity in the Grand Canyon State

[Updated ln 4-10-20]

The lockdown order has been extended to April 30, which suggests that the legislature will not reconvene until at the earliest May 4th. We understand that the legislative session can be extended until July because of the forced recess due to the Coronavirus problem.

It is very important to get HB2706 passed because it will prevent the denegration of women's sports by biological males, claiming to be females, who wish to participate in women's sports. 

We have seen time and again how this biological inequality has damaged women's sports and deminished opportunities for women.

Let's make sure that the Arizona State Senate gets an earful and more from as many people as possible by the time they return to legislative business later this year.

Please contact your legislators and ask them to pass HB2706.

Read the latest text of the bill here:

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