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Scottsdale police take action after discovery that school board president kept creepy dossier on parents

[EAN NOTE: As shocking as all of this is i would logically conclude that this sort of thing is going on in every school district in the country. Our government has become exactly like the totalitarian monsters that we fought against in WWII and the Cold War. Mitch McConnell is married to the CCP and Biden is on their pay roll.

If we go to war with China we will lose because the people who control our country are traitors. They would gladly send our men to die when they have already decided that we will lose in order to appease their overlords. We are in it deep folks and "the next election" will not fix it. We all know those elections were rigged. We know that because of the outcome of Jacob Chansley's trial that peaceful protesting will land you years in prison. We know that because of Kyle Rittenhouse's trial, defending you life against a mob who is trying to kill you is no longer a clear case of self defense. NOW WHAT?]

Chris Enloe / November 14, 2021 / The Blaze

Police in Arizona have launched an investigation into Scottsdale Unified School District president Jann-Michael Greenburg after allegations surfaced that he kept a dossier of information on parents who oppose COVID restrictions and critical race theory.

What is the background?

News of the dossier broke last week after Greenburg reportedly shared it with a parent by accident.

The Arizona Republic reported:

A copy of the Google Drive that parents created was obtained by The Arizona Republic and it included screenshots of Facebook conversations parents had about their opposition to topics such as critical race theory and COVID-19 mask mandates. It also included emails sent to school board members calling for Greenburg's resignation, photos and videos of parents protesting the school district and screenshots of parents' Facebook profiles that indicated their support for former President Donald Trump.

Even more shocking, the dossier allegedly contained Social Security numbers, property records, and divorce decrees, among other personal information. Information had been collected on nearly 50 parents.


Scottsdale police take action after discovery that school board pre...

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