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Phoenix Takes $30 million/yr from Schools & Teachers- Gives It To Big Developers

3-14-17 Sal DiCiccio





$30 million per year! The Phoenix

Mayor/Council have quietly taken much
needed monies from schools and teachers
and handed that money to big developers.
In the last message I sent, I provided
documentation showing how Phoenix
politicians used GPLETs to not only take
needed money away from our children's
education, but used it to give themselves
$45 million, padding their own coffers at the
expense of our children’s future. Click here
to see that documentation: 

Here is how it works:
A large company hands a property over to
Phoenix, taking it off the tax rolls. Phoenix
Mayor/Council then "lease” that same
property back to the developer. The
developer pays Phoenix a reduced rent.
Once off the tax roll, the developer pays NO
PROPERTY TAX. So our local schools lose
out on that share of revenue, while the City
of Phoenix profits off of the “lease”
GPLETs are just a fancy name for
Corporate Welfare.
*$30 million/yr- amount Phoenix shifted
from teachers/schools to large developers
*$45 million- amount Phoenix profited in
this scheme
*Over $400 million- value of properties
Phoenix politicians have taken off tax rolls
For example: the Collier/Bank of America
building in downtown Phoenix has a
GPLET. Guess how much the Collier’s
Center pays in property tax? ZERO. Zero
contribution towards its share of property
Everyone blames the state for not providing
more funding for schools, but the answer is
in our back yard. In ten years alone there
could have been $300 million for our
schools that instead went towards
corporate welfare.
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Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Council
District 6

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