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Why not form a task force to remove this UNION MONOPOLY?

You are not going to have a public school unless this monopoly language is changed in the Mesa Unified School District Bargain Agreement!!

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Cowan and "friends" are very pro-union; his secretary was the classified union's president for years. The union has half the membership they used to have even five years ago, but the board and superintendency still will not recognize Mesa Professional Educators (MPE -a non-profit teachers' organization) to sit in on Meet and Confer. MPE has to request representation on any district committee while union representation is the given majority on every committee. Nothing will change until we elect school board members who do their homework and are willing to represent "We the People" instead of being a tool for the superintendency.
Agree, so get a pool of people to concentrate on having the board change the language. It worked to some degree eight years ago when they agreed for me to set up an oversight committee with parents selected by the Board. The District high jacked the committee and determined its agenda making it ineffective! Make a bunch of noise, BETRAYAL, BETRAYAL, BETRAYAL! !!

We seek LIBERTY!

No one is willing to fight this issue???



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