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***** told me you passed out a worksheet asking how to compare the
occupooper scum to Tea Party folks. Your motives intrigue me because
any parent teaching their child correctly will let their children know
that what these pissant occupiers are doing is just an excuse to stay
lazy and possibly solicit intercourse.

I want to LOL when I think about the media trying to portray these
jobless deviants as comparable to Tea Partiers, especially because
there are no comparision incidents.

Tea Partiers got permits,cooperated with each other, treated everyone
with respect, kept good hygiene, and cleaned up after themselves and
they all knew why they got together. These occupiers have been nothing
but animals, pooping on and trashing locations, hurting and killing
each other, for nothing better than being bored and wanting

The way the occupiers behave reminds me of the female reporter who was
assaulted, raped and mutilated in the middle east during their "arab
spring". The ows-turds don't deserve to be NEAR the same bracket of
honor and decency that makes up the Tea Party and anyone who thinks so
is a libturd DOLT.


PS: I'm letting all my Tea Party friends know about the worksheet that
was passed out at school today. I'm sure there are a lot of parents
that would be interested to know how their tax money is being used to
glean political info from their kids


Harry: So who passed out a worksheet to whom? Can i get a copy of it?

PARENT: Unfortunately, Ms. Mast, the social studies teacher, collected it at
the end of class, and when *****(my daughter) asked for a copy, Ms.
Mast told her she didn't have any extras(very convienent of her).

Harry: ***-may i post this e-mail on the EAC website? I will post it as an anonymous parent in the Mesa Unified School District if you like. Folks need to know about this!


PARENT: sure, go for it! Tell as many parents as you can! They need to know,
the teachers are monitoring our opinions through our kids.

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If the teacher refuses to provide the information at the request of the parent then submit a public record request. Also be certain to make your school board members aware that you are making the request because teacher/principal/admin is unwilling to provide parents with instructional materials upon request.



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