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The letter was presented to one of the Kyrene adminstrative associates for review and for consideration by the textbook committee. I doubt the Board saw the letter.
These reviews mean nothing unless parents are willing to confront the school boards with their opinions, but only after they've done the research themselves. It is worthwhile for the various Tea Party chapters to have an education committee which will take it upon themselves to do the reviews. They can get the information about the new textbook selections only by contacting the administrative offices of each district. They'll tell you a public notice was given, but I defy you to find it. So...interested parties will have to maintain a close cordial relationship with the district offices in order to be effective. And they'll have to make themselves known en masse. One or two people won't make a difference.
There were three textbooks which were being reviewed for use in the new "traditional school" which is being promoted in the Kyrene School District. They were for Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3.   Don K.

A Brief Review of Saxon Math

by Stephen Hake

Published by Harcourt, Achieve

Course 2

A precise grade level could not be determined by the untrained eye during a quick scan of the introductory material. A guess would be that Course 2 is referring the 7th grade level.

Methodology and some terminology have changed substantially since I studied math at this level in 1944 or thereabouts. By changing terminology, it causes a breakdown in communication between the generations when trying to assist today’s student with homework. Is this by accident or by design?

For instance, a word (term) which was new to me was used on page 312. The word is "Repetend." The word is used to describe a mathematical situation which must have existed when I was 12 years of age, but someone has coined this word either by necessity or because of ego. If it was by necessity, why wasn’t the word used in my generation?

In scanning through the written questions, a decided slant was found in the direction of environmentalism by using wording which referred to topics which have a definite environmental bias.  

For instance, on page 251, there is a question which asks the student to find the average cost of the electric bills for a period of six months. Why couldn’t one have asked for the average of the grocery bills for the same period of time? My point is that electricity (energy) is an environmental topic. The topic of groceries reflects the inflationary aspect of the cost of living. The same could be said re: electricity, but the subtle environmental impact isn’t the same.

Then, on page 277, there is another problem which uses the collection of cans as the basis for the exercise. Why cans? Why not newspapers, or shoes, or matches? Once again, the reflection is on the environment. Why?

On page 314, there is a problem which uses world population increase. Why? Environmental overtones? World population is a topic which is a favorite of the environmentalists.

In many of the word problems, student names are used. Why? Ethnic names like Lakeisha, Jermaine and Muhammad show up. Toward what end? Why not say "a student" or "the student" or another equally generic word? Is it now necessary to have politically correct math text books?

On page 339, the Written Practice in problem 1. discusses students walking to school, versus those taking the bus or going by automobile. An environmental bias?

On the same page, problem 10 uses a Park Ranger hiking. Why a Park Ranger? Others can hike as well. An environmental bias?

Generally speaking, the subliminal indoctrination found in the subtle use of environmental topics and ethnicity of names was unacceptable to me. It looks as if a concerted effort is being made to program the students of today into something which is anathema to the fundamental character upon which the nation was established.

Respectfully submitted,


D. H. Kennedy

14841 South 25th Way

Phoenix, AZ 85048

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