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In a recent mailer to the public, I read “W” is for Winners!  And then I read the accomplishments of the two candidates referenced on the mailer.  Some of the details were missing from the mailer. But I understand that space is limited, and it’s also not very good to have the finer points come out in an election that might spoil your chances of “w”ooing the public.  As for the PAC that’s paid for this mailer and who’s behind it.  Well, it’s a late-comer to the game with Phil Alibrandi and Kim Anderson as members of the PAC.  Kim Anderson is a current board member and chose not to seek reelection.  However, both Phil Alibrandi and Kim Anderson have supported and endorsed the overrides, bond initiatives, and every other tax increase and revenue generating initiative proposed in the recent past.

For those not sure which way to vote, here are some things to consider…  You should know that there are a total of two open spots for Higley Governing School Board this election cycle with four candidates running with one being an incumbent.  The incumbent is one of the “W”s on the mailer and she is indeed experienced in matters of school finance.  In fact, it’s largely due to Mrs. “W”s influence that Higley tax-payers are now strapped with some of the largest debt service ever seen in a district of this size.  An additional $70 Million in new bonding initiatives were recommended under Mrs. “W” and endorsed by her.  The total student body of Higley Unified is approximately $11,500.  $70 Million?  Whew!!!  That’s a fact that’s missing from the mailer.  Additionally, in the most recent election cycle where an override was proposed and endorsed by Mrs. “W”, as well as funding for new buildings “badly needed for a growing district”, a measure will come before the board to approve the leasing of school classroom space to private enterprise.  Thus, tax-payers have footed the bill for the capital expenditure of school facilities in order for the district to use the classroom space for alternative means and not education.

As for the other “W”.  He’s an adviser for Chandler-Gilbert Community College and allegedly a hand-picked candidate by the HUSD administration.  Additionally, Mr. “W” has a non-disclosed “conflict of interest” with a family member working for the district.  This is supposed to be a strictly forbidden situation, but since his daughter who is a teacher in the district no longer resides at the same residence… legally, all is well.  Yet, a school board member is supposed to remain unbiased and hold equal treatment for all as a paramount principle of governance.  Hmmm… interesting.

As for the other candidates:

In a forum recently held by the LD12 Republican Party, questions answered showed a clear division between Mrs. “W”, Rebecca Jarman, and Michelle Anderson.  Mr. “W” was not in attendance.

If you are in favor of:

  • Increased transparency and disclosure
  • Increased safety and protection for our students
  • Increased accountability and responsibility of district administration
  • Improved culture and innovation/creativity for education
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Increased Parental rights and decision making ability
  • Responsible leadership


The choice is clear.  Rebecca Jarman and Michelle Anderson represent the people.  The “W”s are the WORST choice to accomplish what is needed.

GSInfo recommends and endorses Rebecca Jarman and Michelle Anderson.

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