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Posted: 2014-02-12

Westie Connect via Facebook 2-12-14 (commenting on meeting of 2-11-14)

"The good people of Gilbert need to know about how students were forced out of the board room last night. The assembled protesters (most NOT from Gilbert) refused to make room for the Future Farmers of America honorees ... students who were attending the meeting at the invitation of the board to accept a proclamation honoring them. The FFA students were forced to mingle out in the hall among the bitter assemblage of AEA/GEA agitators. The AEA president Andrew Morrill was front and center, organizing the group that was disrupting the meeting. Don't think for a minute that group was there "for the kids." Their actions in excluding FFA students from participating and accepting the board's congratulations speak louder than words ... and we all know how crude and rude their words have been."

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Teaching is a noble profession. It has been ruined by unions. So who loses? The students and society as a whole. And we know who wins.......

I'd love to see a photo of the FFA group and a place we can send congratulations.


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