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10-28-15 Julie Smith GUSD Governing Board Member

Dear Community Members,


I am writing to you today out of great concern for an issue that strikes at the core of the our community and safety of our children.   Last week a parent contacted the governing board and superintendent of Gilbert Public Schools (GPS) notifying us that the GPS filter system for digital devices currently being used is not adequately blocking inappropriate web sites and images.  This parent stated that students are able to access pornographic images and pornography on the GPS issued Chromebooks and that school officials including principals, teachers and the Director of Technology were more concerned with pointing fingers at who is responsible than resolving the issue.   After multiple attempts to get the issued resolved at the school level up to the superintendent with no resolution, the parent contacted the media out of concern for our children.  Superintendent Kishimoto’s response to concerned parents was nothing short of strong arm intimidation.  I was astounded to be a participant in the theatrics at the governing board meeting last night orchestrated by Superintendent Kishimoto.  There was a stream of individuals who spoke before the board lavishing praises about the purchase of Chromebooks for junior high students while accusing these concerned parents of participating in “dirty politics” and “bad parenting”.  The majority of the speakers were GPS employees including several teachers, a principal and even a student.  Their attendance at the meeting was not spontaneous.    Superintendent Kishimoto clearly abused her position of authority in the district by requesting employees and even students to speak in favor of an initiative she is pushing in our school district. 


This is a very serious issue that needs to be properly addressed by GPS which also has legal ramifications.  Let me share some alarming statistics about pornography:

  • ·         The first exposure to pornography among men is around 12 years of age on average.
  • ·         9 out of 10 boys are exposed to pornography by age 18.
  • ·         6 out of 10 girls are exposed to pornography by age 18.
  • ·         28% of 16-17 year olds have been unintentionally exposed to pornography.
  • ·         9 out of 10 pornography users only access free materials made available on the internet.


Here is how you can help.  Contact the superintendent and governing board with your concerns.  It is important that anyone who has first-hand knowledge of issues or concerns with the Chromebooks to bring it to the district’s attention.   There will be an update on the use of technology in GPS at the November 24th board meeting which I requested.  Please attend the meeting and voice your concerns.  Please share this information with your neighbors.  At the bottom of this letter are links to media reports on this issue and contact information for the GPS governing board and superintendent.



Julie Smith


Superintendent E-Mail:

Governing Board E-Mail:


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Mrs. Smith is a true leader. I think she currently is the only elected official I know of who has kept her focus on representing her constituents.

Yes, what a concept! 

Peggy McClain said:

Mrs. Smith is a true leader. I think she currently is the only elected official I know of who has kept her focus on representing her constituents.


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