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$Millions More! Gilbert Public Schools (AZ Re-education Camp Sector 41) Are Rolling In The Dough - Part V

We are not in good hands with The Superintendent of Public Destruction Kathy Hoffman and Governer Doug Douchbag!

Remember how we keep hearing there is not enough money for paper, school buses and teacher salaries? Yet, there is, somehow,  plenty of money for hundeds more counselors (to advise on politically correct behavior), social workers (to direct politically correct behavior) and prison guards (to enforce politically correct behavior) all in the name of "Safe Schools" AKA "Deep Equity". Are we running a school or a concentration camp? If you are not aware of what "Safe Schools" and "Deep Equity" are, check out this little tidbit on so called "Safe Schools":

and this:

and this:

There are many more examples.

Superintendent Of Public Instruction Hoffman recently tweeted out the following:

We took an incredible step in the right direction today. Thank you Gov.

for your continued support as we work to ensure every school has the necessary resources to meet students' social-emotional and safety needs.


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