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Westie Connect 1-15-16

Chaos continues in Gilbert Public Schools: employees have not been paid, have been paid the wrong amount, or were given the wrong paycheck. Computer systems continue to malfunction, crash or otherwise misbehave. The Tops Dogs in the administration of Gilbert Public Schools continue to applaud the loser  incompetent  parties responsible for the Great Payday Melee, tellingunpaid long-suffering employees how *amazing* those incompetent staffers are and how hard they worked to get things so screwed up. 

This mess is totally owned by GPS Superintendent Christina Kishimoto. We acknowledge, however, that her minions made invaluable contributions. The question that remains unanswered: why did Charles Stevin Smith, Executive Director of Technology, res... Was it because of the anonymous letter that revealed Steve Smith’s *inappropriate rel...? Was it because the letter revealed his *special* promotion and $10,000.00 raise that the Governing Board approved? Or was it because Steve Smith pinky promised his *alleged* girlfriend that his technology would succeed and cement her National Reputation and the district’s big marketing push?  Oooh, that big GPS Technology Expo will be *timely,* won’t it?

Here is GPS Executive Director of Technology, Charles Stevin Smith,  explaining how he has made it impossible for the system to fail, so what is happening as the payroll system crumbles under the weight of an incompetent implementation of expensive new software can never happen. Charles Stevin Smith, aka Sleazy Steve, the dude who allegedly has been involved in an *inappropriate relat..., was promoted after he urged the GPS Governing Board to buy theInfinite Visions software that the Top Dogs wanted. He said, “Trust me.” Oh yeah, Steve Smith was worth trusting, wasn’t he, GPS Governing Board? How does it feel, CFO Tom Wohlleber, to have this train wreck happen on your watch? How are Superintendent Christina Kishimoto’s hand-selected, specially recruited new finance departmentincompetents employees working out for you? Rhetorical question. We know you also had *consultants* helping make this mess.

One of the biggest problems for Gilbert Public Schools in this Great Payday Melee is that pretty much everyone took a two week vacation the week before they tried to run payroll on the new technology system anchored by Infinite Visions software. Brilliant, guys. Who made the decision to turn off the AS/400redundancy that Steve Smith said would prevent any possible problems? Oh yeah, you must have gotten rid of the wrong techies in the past couple of years. Tsk, tsk. Now, hard working, long suffering GPS employees are paying the price for your arrogance and incompetence.

Westie is quite aware that there are folks who deny any fact that Westie reports, so as usual, here’s the evidence you wish you wouldn’t have to acknowledge, an email to all GPS employees on January 14, 2015:

To All Employees,

The Finance/Payroll Staff want to again thank you for how gracious people have been through this process.  This week we are focusing on ways to let people quickly know where their issue is in the queue. We will then send emails to each site administrator that shows outstanding issues for each employee.  This way you will know if you need to send in a payroll exception form.

The following are issues that are being corrected this week.

Base Pay & Stipends (Academic, Speech Path, Psychologist) Corrections – We have already identified most of the issues.  There is no need to send in a Payroll Exception Form unless your name does not show up on the list that will be provided to your site administrator/admin assistant by tomorrow morning.

Overtime, Holiday Pay, Leave Pay (Medical, Vacation) – The most important thing is to verify that your hours are properly reflected in Time Clock Plus.  The pay corrections will be made from data in Time Clock Plus.  There is no need to send Payroll Exception Forms for this issue.

Deduction differences – We are creating a file just for the Benefits and Payroll departments that should be available this week.  We will let you know when the file is complete.  They will then be able to confirm that your deduction corrections are in the queue. We will then also have an expected resolution date.  Until then, there is no need to send Payroll Exception forms regarding this issue.

We are sorry that we are not able to respond to each email at this time. But we hope this process can mitigate the frustration of not knowing the status of your corrections.  Thanks again for your patience and understanding.  We will let you know how things progress.

Teddy Dumlao
Finance Director

Lindie Evans
Payroll Supervisor

Notice that these occupants of the GPS White Castle, while too important busy to respond to employees whose lives are in disarray because of the incompetent implementation of the Infinite Visions software, are sending highly personal data about individual employees to site administrators, their secretaries and anyone else this *onerous task* can be palmed off on. The occupants of the White Castle don’t want mere peons contacting them about how they screwed up the finances and lives of GPS employees who live from payday to payday, which is just about everyone in GPS who has not been selected for handsome remuneration, such as Superintendent Christina Kishimoto’s *alleged* boyfriend who was pr....

No, the highly paid minions in the GPS White Castle, some of whom pull down six-figure incomes, don’t want to talk to mere GPS employees they have screwed. That echoes the boss’s policy, since she doesn’t seem to talk to anyone below the level of principal and especially, she doesn’t talk to parents, especially not about technology proces.... Superintendent Christina Kishimoto gave a Superintendent Award to a teacher in December 2015; she didn’t grasp the sense of irony that the recipient was holding down three jobs to support his family.

But thank you for being gracious while the losers try to figure out “where the employee’s issue is in the queue” and then try to figure out how to get out of this mess of their own creation. Sheeeeeesh. Aren’t all these folks just gosh-golly AMAZING?  Maybe they’ll soon be able to tell you how long it will take to get your money reimbursed. Hopefully, it will happen before you are evicted or have your name put on Governor Ducey’s Loser List.

Hey, Superintendent Kishimoto: maybe you should tell your minions to quit echoing your words “Leap Frogging” in reference to the new salary schedule you propose. TMI. We already told Keyboard we don’t know what games you were playing, if any, with the Executive Director of Technology. But come on, everybody knows the game the Greek dudes were playing that was immo...:

Louise Keeley: Oh, what interesting china. Why, it looks like young men playing leap frog.  Is it Greek?

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