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[Let's be honest about what these institutions called "Public Schools" really are: Re-education Camps]


        As you know the Gilbert Public Schools just got their recent $100 million bond issue passed (pushed, as usual, in an off election year when hardly anyone is paying attention except government employees, government contractors and government administrators) and that, of course, is on top of the millions they got as part of the $20B shovelled onto the schools from Governor Ducey last year. It's no wonder that Public Schools in the East Valley always top the local “Best Places To Work” (this year schools took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in this category according to the East Valley Tribune) list. They get the best benefits, best working conditions, multiple vacations per year, paid time off, performance pay, fat pension, earliuy retirement, bonuses, kickbacks (and on and on) and the best pay (considering that working for the schools is always a part time job).

Now to add insult to injury we learn more about the trainloads of money being lavished onto schools. In the Community Impact Newspaper ( a new “local” paper, that is published in Texas..say what?!... and seems to be focused on schools in every issue ) we learn another tid bit about the school's cash flow:

The district’s Office of Federal Programs manages more than $4 million in federal and state grant funding that supplements the district budget

The majority of that comes from Title I funds. The district receives $3.13 million from Title I, which is used at the district’s 10 Title I schools, Marier Conner said. A Title I school is one where 35 percent or more the student body qualifies for the free and reduced lunch program.

(You mean, that in Gilbert, one of the most afluent towns in the country, over a 1/3 of children are so poor they can't afford lunch?)

The district receives $565,006 in Title II funds for professional development for teachers and administrators, $220,723 in Title IV for student support and academic enrichment, $68,485 for 12 identified schools from the State Department of Education for a Targeted Support and Improvement grant, and $25,572 for a Gifted Education Grant. (these excerts are from an article in the CI paper By Tom Blodgett 11:50 AM Dec. 4, 2019 MST | Updated 11:50 AM Dec. 4, 2019 MST )

This little report of mine is barely scratching the surface of the waste, fraud, abuse and ridiculous lack of oversight our schools get. It is merely what crossed my attention THIS DAY.

Just remember this the next time you hear the MSM (Mentally Sick Media) tell you how the schools are starved for money.


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