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August 13, 2013

Elise Jordan, wife of Michael Hastings confirmed that her husband had been working on a story involving CIA Director John Brennan. Last month a source provided San Diego Channel Six, with a copy of an email, hacked from super secret contractor Stratfor's President Fred Burton. The email , which was posted on Wikileaks, says that then Obama counter terrorism czar Brennan was in charge of the spying on journalists.

Hastings, who died under very mysterious circumstances in an auto accident had contacted the WikiLeaks lawyer just before he died and seemed very nervous. The details of his accident remain murky. A witness, who claimed the car was speeding, also said he saw an explosion before the car hit the palm tree.

On the security tape that recorded the accident, it showed a flash of light before the car hit the tree. The car did not hit the tree hard and the engine was about 100 feet away from the tree. Forensics experts are still trying to piece together what happened.

This is not the first controversy for John Brennan. During the 2008 run up to the elections, it was announced that President Obama's passport information had been breached. It was later discovered that the breach was an employee of Brennan's, while Brennan was working for candidate Obama at the time. His employee had also breached the records of John McCain and Hillary Clinton, possibly as a red herring.

It has never been established why Brennan wanted to get into President Obama's files but Obama could have authorized him to at any time. The employee who breached the accounts was never fired and a key witness in the case was found murdered outside his church, while the investigation was still ongoing. The witness, Lt. Quarles Harris Jr, was cooperating with federal authorities at the time of his death. The investigation died with him.

Hastings final story will appear in the next issue of Rolling Stone magazine, according to his widow.

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