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We are pleased to share with you the following

Press Release, sent nationwide today by the

250,000-member Christian Action Network (CAN)



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Report's authors warn that the problem has "national ramifications"


LYNCHBURG, VA, DECEMBER 1-The Christian Action Network, a non-profit activist organization, is making available a report, authored by Citizens for National Security based upon research conducted by it, that exposes widespread bias in textbooks used in Florida public schools. The organizations claim the textbooks favor Islam over Christianity and Judaism and present an unfair view of history, particularly with regard to the policies of the U.S. and Israel.


The report identifies approximately 30 textbooks used in Florida public schools with instances of bias, inaccuracies and purposeful omissions. It alleges that students are being given flawed information about the history of Islam, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Middle East, and extremist threats worldwide. It includes over 200 quotations from the list of textbooks that the organizations say are biased and/or inaccurate.


One example in the report is when a textbook states, "Women, as wives and mothers, have an honored position in Saudi society." Another states, "The land now called Palestine consists of Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip."


"Although agenda-based campaigns to shape textbook content have existed for some time, the past decade has seen particularly aggressive and intense overt and stealth efforts by proponents of Islam to inject their beliefs into K-12 classrooms via textbooks," according to Dr. William A. Saxton, Chairman of Citizens for National Security.


The report is based on a sampling of textbooks in Florida but Martin Mawyer, President of the Christian Action Network, says the bias in them have "national ramifications."


"Florida is the third largest purchaser of textbooks in the United States with an estimated $267 million budget for instructional materials. Textbooks used in Florida help to create curriculum standards for the entire country," Dr. Saxton points out.


The Christian Action Network is planning on distributing the report to concerned parents and teachers and the media.


"It is well-written and documented in a scholarly way because it was written by academics. It will be a great tool for teachers, principals, school administrators and parents," said Mawyer.


The Christian Action Network is also planning on releasing a documentary about the pro-Islam bias in the education system and the influence of Islamists on college campuses and public schools.  The organization has previously released documentaries about alleged terrorist training camps on U.S. soil and the Ground Zero Mosque.


To download a copy of the free report, visit www.CFNS.US or To interview Dr. Saxton, Chairman of the organization that did the research and authored the report, contact Jason Campbell at or 434-851-5584.



In addition to this Press Release, CAN is sending the entire CFNS Textbook Report to its 250,000 members, other concerned citizens, educators and the media. 


Concurrently, hardcopies of the full Report will also be mailed directly to Superintendents of the country's 500 largest school districts. 




 Nick Martin

Nicholas V. Martin 

CFNS Director of Planning and Development   

Tel. 561-797-7888

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