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Sal DiCiccio March 16 at 10:46am


UPDATE on, Ruben Alonzo, the $172,000/yr ASU employee who was the Mayor’s Chief of Staff:

1. ASU is still stalling getting us the process and ALL the documents on how he was hired. Imagine that, a University that prides itself on transparency refusing to disclose documentation surrounding his hire and whether he also is set to receive MULTIPLE pensions.

2. ASU buying the $57 Million TGen Building: Now is problematic. Looks like shining the light on insider hiring may actually work. Will keep you posted on this development. This should be interesting.

3. ASU asking to revive an illegal tax scheme at the Legislature looks like it is having problems with the members. Bi-partisan members are having difficulty with this special treatment and explaining why ALL educational systems are excluded from this benefit. I can’t imagine an institution that has been raising tuition being able to explain any of this nonsense to the parents and the students let alone the common taxpayer.

Ruben Alonzo:

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