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Second Amendment not assessed in Mesa School District, ANYONE CARE?

Mesa School District staff admit that the Second Amendment is not assessed in their required government exam. 


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Its even more important to get good committed conservatives parents on the committees that are making the recommendations to the Board. The Board in most cases are uninformed on the details and just rubber stamp the committee recommendations. I sometimes think of them as the Board of Betrayal. How else do you explain how they are permitting the teachers union and school staff members to outnumber parents in most if not all of the textbook and curriculum committees. For example, the official textbook committee monopolized by teacher union members select maybe five of the textbooks they want in a given subject area, then let the parents choose which one of the five to use. This is not only a joke but deceit at its best! Whats even worse most parents don't realize whats going on!

The only way is to encourage concerned parents to insist on getting involved at the District level and less at the PTO level which deflects parents time and energy to less important issues.

Harry Mathews said:

time to elect conservatives to the Mesa school board

Based on what just occurred in TUHSD with the Planned Parenthood debacle, it's a mystery how the members are chosen for these committees. I know a conservative thinker who asked to be on the sex ed committee and was ignored. The committee was made up of insiders and community members with one agenda in mind. The lone member who voted against PP didn't have the nerve to be too noisy about her disagreement. She's employed by the district and probably was worried about keeping her job.

Your comment about the unions and the committee members peaks my curiosity. I wonder if this is the case in Tempe? More to investigate!

Read the details of the Bargain Agreement, it spells out the committees selection composition plus see the Districts policies. You have to be very proactive and ask to be on the committees, they don't groom parents for these positions, but they should if they had the parents interest in mind.

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