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Disturbing: Racism Promoted/Threats Of Suicide In Common Core Curriculum: Notes Of The Translators Son

Notes of the Translators Son
Disturbing story line about threats of suicide-this is for 5th graders-parents may find this shocking and highly objectionable:

See Page 93 of attached

There my memory is replaced by
that of my other grandmother, the
Siovak'one who lived three miles
away up the South Greenfield road.
Your fader; he vas ready to leave
your mother. Dere vere so many tears,
such crying about you. Ah. Den your
fader and mother they come and say
they viii take you back, now. Oat is ven
your grandfather Bowman, he goes out
of the room. Ven he come back it is vith

the shotgun. And he hold it to his head
and say take him you viii never see me
alive again.
Though I did not hear that story
until after I was married, I knew that
I was important to my grandfather.
I realize now I must have been, in
part, a replacement for my mother's
older brother, who died at birth. I
was always close to my grandfather.
He delighted in telling how I was
his shadow, how I carried my stick
just like a spear and followed him
everywhere. But, close as I was, he
would never speak of the Indian
blood which showed so strongly
in him. I have a tape recording we
made soon after we returned to
live with him, back from three years
in West Africa to the old house on
Splinterville Hill with our new son, his
great-grandchild, whose life would
start the healing of wounds I had
caused by simply being wanted.

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