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10-29-15 EAN admin.

"Our mission is to provide leadership at the national level"

Board member Santa Cruz also "proudly" proclains his racism

Oh, but it's OK because "Latinos" (which are BTW Americans of European decent and genetically indistiguishable from other Americans of European decent) are a "Politically Correct" favored "victim" group and therefor must be allowed be as racist as they want to be. Stay tuned as they will likely soon formally anounce their alliance with La Raza, the Brown Brigade, AZTLAND and Mexican drug gangs.

But what could be more "Pollitically Correct" and "Multi-cultural" than a white woman with a Japanese name leading a Hispanic Racist group. 

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As long as Dr. K is not named the leader of Irish Administrators and Superintendents.

Oh, yeah, an Irish minority rights group wouldn't be kosher.

Americans of European / caucasian decent are not a protected group. They are classified as oppressor groups



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