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Millennial Republican Leaders Talk Education With Arizona State University President Michael Crow

5-12-15 The Bartlett Bunker

Tempe, Arizona – Friday key Millennial Republican leaders from around Maricopa County sat down with Arizona State University President Michael Crow to talk about a variety of education-related issues including how to better align higher education with the needs of businesses in the rapidly evolving 21st century economy, the recent cuts in funding that were necessary to achieve a balanced state budget, and how to ensure that publicly funded universities throughout Arizona become more affordable for legal and in-state residents that are already footing the lion’s share of the bill through taxes.

Millennial leaders in attendance include Republican Party of Maricopa County Chairman and former Arizona Board of Regents member Tyler Bowyer, Higley Unified School District Governing Board Member and School Board Members Alliance Executive Director Jake Hoffman, Chairman of the Maricopa County Young Republican Professionals Chris Herring, Arizona Board of Regents Member Valerie Hanna, ASU Undergraduate Student Government President Cassidy Possehl and ASU Undergraduate Student Government Vice President of Policy Nicolas VandenNieuwenhof.

“We were pleased to have had a productive meeting with President Crow,” said Bowyer.  “As Chairman of the Republican Party of Maricopa County I have vowed to engage all stakeholders in an effort to create a more robust dialogue surrounding the challenges facing our county and state.  My goal is that we can objectively evaluate those challenges and create long-term conservative solutions that will allow Arizona to be the most prosperous state in the nation.”

“As Millennials continue to become the dominant cohort in the American workforce it becomes increasingly important that they also play a critical role in the development of sound educational policy and the delivery of student learning in a manner representative of the new economic and social challenges faced by our generation,” said Hoffman.  “Education is the key to America’s long-term prosperity and the preservation of individual liberty because failure to adequately prepare our future generations will render the United States less secure, less prosperous and less free than we are currently.”

ASU President Crow closed the session with a request to meet again in the near future to debrief the group on the current efforts underway at the university to make it more accountable and responsive to the people of Arizona.  The millennial leaders in attendance look forward to this opportunity to delve into deeper discussion on the many issues facing higher education in Arizona.

Jake Hoffman
Communications Director
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