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Dear Kyrene Parent/Taxpayer: 

Kyrene Elementary District needs to get more money into its classrooms, and stop wasting money on bureaucratic overhead.  Please TAKE ACTION now to support Governor Doug Ducey's efforts to put more money into our classrooms!

Total annual per-pupil funding for Kyrene from all sources (local, state, and federal) was$7,380 per pupil for the 2013-2014 school year, according to the latest available Annual Report from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.   That was for "current expenditures," which does NOT include several categories of capital and administrative and non-classroom services. 

To see for yourself, go to pdf page 62 of the REPORT. 

With an average classroom of 25 students, that means there is at least $184,000 of potential non-capital resources in that classroom.  Think about that for a moment.

If the district limited administrative overhead and other programs to a generous 33 percent, it could actually pay for TWO teachers in every classroom: for example, $61,000 for the salary and benefits of a good teacher in the classroom of 25, and another $61,000 to pay a special education instructor to work with the IEPs in that classroom.

Compare that to the per-pupil spending of $6,948 in charter schools!  (PDF p. 52)

Other than student aptitude and strong families, studies show that having a good teacher in the classroom is the most important factor for student success.   The Big Question is why Kyrene fails to pay good teachers what they're worth.  Ask teachers in the district if they make $61,000 a year in salary and benefits.  Perhaps some senior teachers make that much, but you'll probably find that the only folks who make that much money are administrators (many of whom make six figures).

Please TAKE ACTION NOW to support Governor Ducey's efforts to get more money into our classrooms. And tell Kyrene to stop wasting money on administrative overhead and get more money into its classrooms! 

For Liberty and Prosperity (and Kids!),

Tom Jenney

Arizona Director

Americans for Prosperity

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