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Facebook 1-6-15

 I sent an e-mail to the GPS superintendent and CFO on 1/5/16 related to this proposed change in policy based on feedback from community members. I am copying the e-mail here.

Dear Christina and Tom,

I have received questions and comments from community members following the first read of the policies that would increase the purchase amount from $50k to $100k requiring more formal bidding processes. I have some questions that I would like answered before these policies come back for a second read.

What school districts in the area are still using the $50k level? How are they dealing with issues identified during the policy committee meeting that resulted in the requested increase to $100k?

Is the level for ASU set at $50k?

Is it true that GPS has either not paid or has delayed payment of the Walmart bill? If so why and is this the cause of purchase problems voiced by principals?

Is there a way to write the policy separating a one time purchase of $50k versus an accumulative smaller dollar purchase (such as Walmart) for board oversight?


Julie Smith

Governing Board Member

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