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Yesterday morning, Dec. 2, during the AZ State Board of Education Meeting, John H. and others tried to do some back peddling. They are now saying that the "Common Core" (John Huppenthal is still using the term) standards have changed from their original inception and are NOW becoming "overreaching". REALLY? And, this could not have been foreseen and therefore avoided?? Never fear, (naught) according to one administrator, John has spent hours on the phone with "Arne" discussing the matter.

It is being somewhat suggested that they could not have predicted this turn. It is still being suggested we can change the standards and return to local control while still implementing Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. NOT SO. 

I think that speaks volumes about their decision making and lack of leadership abilities. You can always anticipate getting cooked if you jump in the cauldron when the fire is already brewing underneath. It is going to take people more educated in the issues and more willing to stand fast to principles to pull us out of this egregious debacle.

As I was reminded by Karen Gavaert, a fellow member here on the Education Action Network, and an attendee at the board meeting, John H. also stated he is worried about the "toxic" push-back happening here in Arizona like it did in Indiana. Of course, Indiana is, now getting out of Common Core. We too, CAN remove ourselves.

Let's work together! 

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You are really missing something when one does not attend one of these Ed. state board meetings.  These board members are so entrenched, and they hang on every word Mr. Huppenthal utters.  What is the expression, "this is an  eye opening experience."

What is really amazing to me is that, although they do post notice and conduct the meetings in public, they are unable or unwilling to broadcast the meetings for public viewing over the internet. Also there are no minutes posted on the archives website for ALL of 2013. Talk about a lack of transparency on the part of an unelected board. In this day and age that is an unacceptable business practice for a public body.

Indiana is actually not getting out of the standards. There was a big dust up in the media, but all that resulted was a review of the standards. They are still implementing the standards full force there. In fact all states that had committed to the standards are still moving forward with them.

The standards are better than what we had before. Our students are performing at  some of the lowest levels in the nation. We need to have high expectations for our students, we need to train teachers to help get them there, and provide supports to students so they all have a chance to be successful. Doing anything less would be a huge disservice to our students especially when they need to be ready to compete with their peers around the world for the jobs of the future.

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