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The Petition for a Redress of Grievances regarding the implementation of Common Core in our Public Schools in Arizona basically alleges that all of the various bodies of government in the State of Arizona have completely ignored the provisions in the Statutes under ‘Title 15” that regulates how, what, and when major changes to the curriculum in our public schools may be made. The attached petition details the clauses in Title 15 that pertain to this move by the State Board of Education, the various State and County Superintendents of Public Instruction and the Independent Governing Boards of the School Districts in the State of Arizona.

It also states that the State Legislature and the Governor ignored these same laws when they passed HB 2425 which basically gutted Title 15 after Common Core had already, allegedly, been implemented in the public school system in June of 2010 without one word to any of the parents, taxpayers or public, in general. It is for these outlined reasons that We the People of Arizona are petitioning these Elected Representatives to reverse what they have done until such time as they have satisfied the letter of the law as passed by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor of the State of Arizona.

Wesley W. Harris
State Coordinator of the State for We the People of Arizona;
Elected Republican P.C. and State Committeeman L.D. 20;
Retired founder of the Original North Phoenix Tea Party;
Small Business Owner, Harris Barrelworks;
Former C.F.O. of Armour & Company and Armour Dial Inc.

[See the attached petition below]

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