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This is very sad to read.    It is very important that when you redirect your tax dollars that you have checked out who is getting the money.  This is true any time you donate money.  People were furious with the Red Cross after 911 because they thought that every dollar they donated, at that time, to the Red Cross would go to the victims of 911.  Not so.  You must look into the charity or organization you are contributing to.  Reward those whose have good track records of being fiscally prudent and stay away from those who abuse.  Does this article about corruption make the whole program bad?  I don't think so.  Does it highlight that some of the organizations receiving money are corrupt?  Sure seems to. 


Just check out the organizations before redirecting.  Maybe redirect to the smaller schools rather than to the bigger more well known funds.  We redirect to CTODP (Catholic Tuition Organization of the Diocese of Phoenix) and to Catholic Charities because we are happy with their use of the funds they receive.

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